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LICTYN (English)

Lord I Come To You Now

LICTYN is the first album of the band Casting Nets. One is surprised by its catchy melodies and deep theological texts. Ben Crane, who currently lives in Düsseldorf, Germany and was born in London, is the composer and author of all of the songs on this album. Ben studied in Scotland and had his first job in Dublin and these influences are unmistakable.

LICTYN - Lord I Come To You Now
If you feel the need to be held in God’s loving and protecting arms or to cast your burdens on Him, this musically varied album invites you to spend time with Him and find rest in God’s presence. If you want to express your love and devotion to Him or to be freshly inspired by the Holy Spirit, let God speak to you through these songs!





I enjoy listening to these inspired songs of worship. My daughter begins to weep, touched by the songs. I love the lyrics, the voices, the tunes, the instrumental arrangements. The songs are Spirit-breathed, just as the Word of God. Such pure worship in Spirit and Truth. What a gift, what a blessing!


Ich habe mir diese CD in aller Ruhe angehört. Ich bin hingerissen, ich war so angerührt, dass mir die Tränen kamen. Die Stimmen sind so klar, ehrlich und wunderbar. Gottes Liebe und Segen habt Ihr in Lied und Musik gefaßt. Gottes Segen für Euch alle!


Die CD ist echt schön und ich bin echt begeistert, wie sehr man darin Gottes Geist hört.


Wunderbar - sehr berührend und die Melodien gehen unter die Haut... Weiter so!


Einfach genial!!!


Einfach nur großartig!! :)

Sarah-Paz Millaray Inzunza Erices

Great and peaceful music. Thanks for this CD

lovely greetings,


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  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
  • ISBN:
    4018517913122 Musik CD
  • Laufzeit: 45 Minuten
  • ABAKUS Musik KurzURL: http://abk.us/312

Interpret: Casting Nets

Komponist: Ben Crane

Texter: Ben Crane

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